Welcome to Putnam AdvoCATS, Inc

Welcome to Putnam AdvoCATS, IncWelcome to Putnam AdvoCATS, IncWelcome to Putnam AdvoCATS, Inc

About Us

Putnam AdvoCATS, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit, charitable  501(c)3 organization working to help stray and feral cats in Putnam  County, NY.  We practice Trap-Neuter-Return which involves trapping  unsterilized cats living in a colony, having them spayed/neutered,  vaccinated against rabies, marked for identification, and returned to  their original location.  TNR programs are proven to stabilize and  significantly reduce the size of free-roaming cat colonies by preventing  new litters of offspring.  We provide  spay/neuter programs, cat adoption services, and placement of cats with  temporary foster families.

  Additionally, we: 

  • Educate the public on the  benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return in their community; 
  • Advocate for stray or  feral cats to be protected from cruelty and to live in a safe  environment; 
  • Promote community awareness of the need to spay/neuter  pets; 
  • Assist colony caretakers with the care, management and feeding of  their colonies; 
  • Facilitate the TNR process by providing education,  equipment, and support when needed;
  • Work to re-home friendly strays and  get kittens adopted into forever homes. 


New York State

Rescue Registry #436

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Or you may send us a check made payable to "Putnam AdvoCATS, Inc" and mail it to the address found at the bottom of this page.

Your generous contribution is fully tax deductible under the law.  Consult your tax advisor for details.

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Your generous donation will fund our mission of helping feral and stray cats in Putnam County, NY.

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Putnam AdvoCATS, Inc

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